In House Training

Public/Open and In-House Training

HLTI offers corporate and professional development training through partnerships with leading academies and institutes globally.

Our huge network of world class expert trainers along with the best training managers in the industry deliver and implement high quality practical corporate trainings for professional development including certified programs in Africa, Asia and Europe. We have grown as an institute especially in the EMEA region through offering wide portfolio of training programs in all corporate functions including Corporate Finance/Investments, Leadership/Management, Risk and Auditing, Operations, Project and Planning Management, Supply Chains and Procurement Management, Sales and Marketing, Engineering etc.

Our trainings are offered as public/open courses, conducted as in-house and some as distance learning.

Public/Open and In-House Event Management

As an event institute we offer 360° event management solutions, we focus in brining world top expert speakers for workshops, seminars and lectures for contemporary issues and topics.

We emphasize on helping and supporting all types of events management and that from finding world class speakers to further creating the whole event program on-site in any location. However, we also help enterprises to create an event in order to generate new business, launching new products into the market, specific promotions educate and enhance your team culture, organize enterprise meetings, managed events and much more. In addition, our institute is strongly supported by professionals in programme development, design, marketing and sales, customer service, hospitality management, delegate registration, sponsorship sales to telemarketing.

What do we offer to our clients as Managed Events? Practically we offer you access to the world’s best expert speakers with the opportunity to hear contemporary issues and topics in their respective professional fields. Yet, we offer tailored concepts, tools, techniques and other professional aspects to your organization’s needs and meet specific expectations.

If you are interested to run any course in-house please contact
Dr. Shpend Imeri at:
+389 71 552 410
+389 42 222 032