About HLTI

“Increase your knowledge,skills and competencies”

High Level Training Institute HLTI is the leading global corporate training provider and event management organizer through offering solutions in all corporate functions with the motto to “Increase your knowledge, skills and competencies”.

Our mission is to provide continuous competency upgrade, event management options and wide marketing platform with its top expert training consultants. Through executing a plethora of public, in-house, distance learning programs and event management HLTI helps private and public enterprises respond quickly to industry trends and dynamism by providing with up-to-date knowledge, practices and networking opportunities, conducted by world class expert trainers.

As an institute with offices in Europe (Macedonia) and USA (Montana), we are committed to details and perfect delivery to ensure partner loyalty and client centricity. We have been achieving this through building strong relationships with our corporate clients and like-minded individuals who seek to develop unique experience that goes beyond expectations.


HLTI demonstrates your high level achievement of standards in professional knowledge, skills, competencies and best practice in your corporate role:
1. Help you earn respect and credibility in your company
2. Open more for advancement opportunities
3. Increase your salary and earn more than non-certified peers
4. Demonstrate your commitment to your profession
5. Advance your skills and knowledge
6. Represent your personal achievement
7. Build confidence in your own knowledge of the profession